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TCSTYLING is an innovative, modern and elegant salon, providing luxury hair extensions and color only services for women with post-partum hair loss, alopecia, male pattern baldness, fine thinning hair, and other hair insecurities.


 Meet the Founder

Trisha Caldwell created a safe space for extension wearers and extension stylists. No judgement of methods of any kind, drama, or jealousy. She wants to lead women to live their best lives while looking and feeling more confident in themselves. She found after 18 years behind the chair and doing extensions for 13 of those years, our crown is more than just hair, it's the art piece god wanted us to create because he loves seeing our creativity, the privilege to create beautiful hair with a limitless imagination. 

Trisha specializes in a several methods, to name a few, NBR, IBE, TLM, TSE, and toppers. Trisha will make your dream hair come true with just one appointment. She wants you to Feel free to ask for a bathroom break, to get up and stretch, coffee, water, soda, wine, something to eat or snack on, silence, word of advice or an ear to listen, phone charger, a pillow, a blanket, a book, or work on your work, just a few of the amazing perks at tcstyling.

She continually educates herself yearly to make sure you are receiving the latest and greatest trends while keeping the health of your hair and scalp her number one priority. TCSTYLING houses the best of the best extension and color artist in the USA. Trisha is not only the owner, but also a stylist at tcstyling. She is a multi-level hair extension artist since 2009, stylist since 2005 and is passionate about providing a hair solution for all women with hair loss and to give them the hair they always wanted. Trisha is passionate about education and providing a stellar and unique experience. Trisha is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of straight and textured Remy, European, Chinese and Slavic hair extensions and coloring services. Here, you can expect to receive the best in blonding, brunettes, grey blending, balayage, lived in color and extension services. She is highly trained and experienced. Trisha is here to make sure your hair looks its absolute best and that you leave feeling beautiful, pampered and confident.

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