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We are Tiffany Scott Extensions certified salon. 

We choose TSE because their hair is 100% Eastern European hair the highest quality on the market; most brands are Indian or Asian hair.

With using European hair, the texture is softer, less tangly, little-to-no frizz and minimally processed.

Eastern European hair starts from a natural, very light brown or blonde tone. Most of our final colors are custom-dyed darker (since the original hair is light-toned), versus bleaching/over-processing light hair colors (like other brands).

The customization of Keratin Bonds is mesmerizing. We even add them with handtied and topper extensions for more versatility and specific customization.

We are able to rebond the keratin to the extensions so you can get those most lifespan out of the hair. 

We have package pricing for keratin bonds.

Apply to experience Keratin bonds by clicking the button below.

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