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Booking, Rescheduling and Cancelation Policies

Please take a moment to review the policies to ensure you understand TCStyling operations procedures. If you have any questions, just get in touch and We will be happy to help.

We require a card on file for all new and existing clients at the time of booking and a nonrefundable deposit for all new clients.


Children/Additional guests:

Please do not bring any additional guests including your CHILDREN or PETS to your appointment.

We strive to give our clients our full attention and the privacy they deserve. so please respect our rules or you may not be rebooked in the future. 

Cancel or Reschedule your appointment

 If you fail to change your appointment prior to 72 hours, you will be charged 50% of your allocated service. 

If you are 20 minutes late or later, you are choosing to cancel your appointment and will be charged 100% of your allocated service as a No Show.

We respect your time and other guests booked for the day. We ask for the same in Return.

*No shows and Day of cancelation will be charged 100% of the allocated service.

**The payment is due before booking any future appointments.

***These Policies are Non-Negotiable.

We do understand that our policies are strict, as a luxury extension  salon we invest and block out a huge chunk of our day to service you.

We ask that you respect them. Our time is just as valuable as yours.

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