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Why Choose Tiffany Scott Hair?

Tiffany Scott Extensions is 100% Eastern European hair; most brands are Indian or Asian hair.

With using European hair, the texture is softer, less tangly, little-to-no frizz and minimally processed.

Eastern European hair starts from a natural, very light brown or blonde tone. Most of our final colors are custom-dyed darker (since the original hair is light-toned), versus bleaching/over-processing light hair colors (like other brands).


With proper care, all hair should last a minimum of 8-12 months.

For Clip-In extensions, it should last 1-2 years, if not worn on a daily basis, and properly brushed/detangled.



Tiffany K. Scott is the founder of Tiffany Scott Salon and the entrepreneurial creator of Tiffany Scott Extensions. The premier line of long-lasting and reusable keratin, clip-in extensions feature the highest quality 100% real virgin hair sourced from Eastern Europe, delivering immediate, luxurious results. A beauty favorite of many celebrities, Tiffany Scott Extensions are inclusive of all hair types, offering a spectrum of styles with 27 vibrant colors. The “Rolls Royce of extensions” empower stylists to recreate gorgeous, personalized looks with unrivaled quality, lasting a minimum of two years and pushing the limits of what’s possible in hair care

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